The workshop was organized by six people, among them Dr. Karsten Peters-von Gehlen from DKRZ (Data Management Department). The event took place in a hybrid format; 44 of 73 participants took part on site. The 17 scientific contributions and four keynotes at the workshop ranged from technical hands-on topics to future-oriented overview lectures. The main focus was set on the topic of bit-reproducibility of weather forecast and climate models as well as the question of when this actually has to be present and what it means to get a “correct result”. Furthermore, a panel discussion on the topic of “Correctness and verification across platforms” took place, in which Karsten Peters-von Gehlen - representing the DKRZ team - gave insights into porting the ICON model to various HPC infrastructures.

The complete workshop program and links to the abstracts of the  presentations can be found on the following website: https://ncar.github.io/correctness-workshop/