Scientists modeling climate use a considerable portion of DKRZ computing capability for comprehensive simulations as part of international research initiatives and model intercomparison projects - among them simulations carried out with resprect to the IPCC reports. In such projects, based on many different simulation runs, varying projections of the future climate are calculated and compared, in order to better understand certain processes and developments of the climate system.

Simulations for CMIP6 / IPCC AR6 (2019)

Within the frame of the international climate model comparison project CMIP6 and with respect to the 6th climate assessment report of the United Nations (IPCC AR6), extensive climate simulations have been carried out with the two Earth system models MPI-ESM HR and MPI-ESM LR and the climate model AWI-CM on DKRZ's supercomputer Mistral.

Interactive visualization of IPCC scenario simulations through the web

Our new interactive web visualization platform enables internet users to interactively visualize through the internet possible future climate changes basedon the CMIP5 simulations carried out in Hamburg. The platform displays simulated climate changes from scenario simulations on a rotatable and scalable virtual globe.

Regional Climate Projections for Europe: EURO-CORDEX

The EURO-CORDEX and ReKliEs-De ensemble of regional climate model (RCM) simulations provide the basis for analyzing the regional climate changes in Europe. DKRZ and GERICS have jointly produced animated visualizations showing the projected key changes in temperature and precipitation for Europe during the 21. Century.

Contribution of MPI-M and DKRZ to CMIP5 / IPCC AR5 (2011)

Simulations with the Earth system model MPI-ESM within the frame of the international climate model comparison project CMIP5 and for the 5th climate assessment report of the United Nations (IPCC AR5)

Contribution to the CMIP3 / IPCC AR4 database (2007)

Climate scenario simulations for IPCC AR4 (Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)