HLRE-3 Nodes

The high performance computer and data storage systems are optimized for the profiles of applications in climate and earth system research.

Currently, the "High Performance Computing System for the Earth System Research 4 " (HLRE-4) "Levante" is the workhorse of the "German laboratory of climate research".

Who can apply for resources at DKRZ?

DKRZ is open to all interested research groups working in the field of climate and earth system modelling. International research groups might be accepted if they contain a significant German contribution or provide services in compensation to German groups. This usually requires that the principal investigator (PI) is affiliated with a German research institution. DKRZ resources can only be used for non-commercial purposes.

How are resources allocated?

The resources available at DKRZ (computer time and storage capacity) are evenly distributed among two groups:

  1. The shareholders: 50% of the resources belong to the shareholders of DKRZ, who internally determine their allocations.

  2. Others: Half of the resources are given to external groups free of charge. DKRZ's scientific steering committee (WLA) selects admissible projects. Scientific quality and the need for high performance computing and data archiving resources are the principal selection criteria. A positive review of the project by German funding agencies such as German Science Foundation (DFG) or the Federal Ministry for Research and Education (BMBF) or by the European Commission is an advantage, but not an absolute prerequisite.

How to apply for resources?

  • To apply for resources from the public share, a leading scientist has to fill in an online application form. Applications can be submitted each year from March 1 to April 30 and from September 1 to October 31.
    Additional resources for the ongoing allocation period can also be requested at this dates. Existing projects have to submit a report on their work when they apply for a new allocation period.
  • Before filing an application, members of share holder institutions first have to get approval from the heads of their institutes. There will be no external assessment in this case.
  • After approval of his application, the project administrator can create user accounts for project members by using the interactive user management form.

Access to the Visualization System

  • Users who already have access to the HLRE-4 system can automatically also access the GPU nodes. Scientists who don't belong to a DKRZ computing project yet but who would like to use the GPUs for interactive 3D visualization should contact the consultancy.