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The images and movies of the categories Visualizations and Photos and Videos around DKRZ may be freely downloaded from this server for non-commercial purposes. For any commercial use, a written agreement of DKRZ is required. Copyright: DKRZ (Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


Visualizations of simulation data

Animations and images that illustrate different aspects of climate research conducted with support of DKRZ and its resources.

Flagship projects

The DKRZ is involved in a number of projects that boosts the development of climate and earth system models and their adaptation to the constantly evolving technology of HPC systems. The videos illuminate the motivation of the projects, their aims and/or show the latest visualizations of their results.

Photos and Videos around DKRZ

Closeup of the DKRZ: Building, supercomputer and storage systems.


Here we present important topics as well as reports about scientific research projects being carried out on the high performance computing systems of DKRZ.


Photos from events and exhibits.