The main tasks of the systems include processing and quality assessing of climate modelling results as well as the long-term preservation and worldwide distribution of climate data:

  • Processing and quality assessment with regard to the DKRZ long-term archive or data distribution and usage in national and internationial climate data federations.
  • Database systems and search indices to enable discoverability and accessibility of data.
  • Secure storage for long-term archived data.
  • Deployment of portal services.
  • Systems for data distribution including dedicated project areas and download caches.

Technically, the data management system is based on several blades and a special database server optimized for relational database management systems. Furthermore, virtual machines deploy additional less demanding data management services.


    Anzahl Typ CPUs RAM
    8 Dell FC630 2 Intel Xeon E5-2630 10C 2.2GHz 256 GB
    2 Oracle Database Appliance x3-2 2 Intel Xeon E5-2690 (Haswell), 2.9 GHz, 8 Core
    Local storage system 36 TB (double mirrored)
    256 GB