DKRZ offers its users a comprehensive hard and software infrastructure, specifically customized for complex experiments with numerical models of the climate system. Earth system research requires a well-balanced system, consisting of specialized powerful components for computation, storage as well as analysis and visualization of the resulting data.


A total of more than 100,000 cores in the service of climate sciences with a peak peformance of 3.5 PetaFLOPS.

Data Archive

Archive system consisting of 8 tape libraries, at total of 60 tape drives and room for 77,000 magnetic tapes.

GPU Nodes

A dedicated GPU partition of the supercomputer Mistral for visualization, data analysis and machine learning.

Data Management

Some Mistral nodes and a specialized data management server for data processing and data dissemination


Powerful network connections are mandatory for a climate data center.

Computer History

During its more than 30 years of history, DKRZ has installed, operated and replaced several generations of supercomputers.