DKRZ offers its users a comprehensive hard and software infrastructure, specifically customized for complex experiments with numerical models of the climate system. Earth system research requires a well-balanced system, consisting of specialized powerful components for computation, storage as well as analysis and visualization of the resulting data.


HLRE-4 "Levante" is the workhorse of climate research in Germany.

Data Archive

Archive system consisting of 8 tape libraries, at total of about 80 tape drives and space for 77,000 magnetic tapes.

Data Management

Specialized data management servers for data processing and data dissemination.


Powerful network connections are mandatory for a climate data center.

Energy Efficiency

As a domain-specific HPC center specifically for climate research, DKRZ is particularly motivated to limit the power consumption of its data center as much as possible without compromising the usability of its systems.

Computer History

During its more than 30 years of history, DKRZ has installed, operated and replaced several generations of supercomputers.