Published research data are a legitimate contribution to the scientific publication list. For scientists, it is good scientific practice to cite research data. The DKRZ supports this practice by archiving the data long-term and issuing the persistent identifier DataCite DOI.

The findability and accessibility of archived and curated (meta)data holdings via PIDs is essential for compliance with the FAIR data principles.

We offer

  • Minting and requesting DataCite DOIs for data archived in the WDCC.
  • Persistent storage of data and metadata in the DKRZ long-term archive WDCC.
  • Final quality assurance by WDCC in cooperation with data producers
  • Ensure permanent access to data and metadata via persistent DOI identifiers, enabling simple and clear data quotations in scientific publications.
  • Provision of metadata in specific formats for publication in other scientific portals.


The data management department at ZGF0YUBka3J6LmRl.

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