DM Stories at DKRZ Issue 6

Data Management for HAPPI-DE - a project which has contributed to the efforts by the scientific community to provide targeted scientific input into the IPCC 1.5°C special report.

DM Stories at DKRZ Issue 5

Data Management for WASCAL - the West African Science Service Centre on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use.

DM Stories at DKRZ Issue 4

Datamanagement for ReKliEs - a project that aims at the derivation of information about the ranges and possible extremes of the future climate change in Germany.

DM Stories at DKRZ Issue 3

Datamanagement for CoastDat: a simulation-based data collection developed mainly for the assessment of long-term changes in data sparse regions such as the North Sea.

DM Stories at DKRZ Issue 2

The IPCC Data Distribution Centre at DKRZ stores and redistributes climate model data to support the IPCC process.

DM Stories at DKRZ Issue 1

In this first issue, DKRZ's various data management activities carried out within the CMIP5 project are discussed.