Video: Technical Infrastruture for HLRE-4 "Levante" - a case for akquinet (2023)

(only available in German)

Photo collection: User group workshop

After a break of almost three years due to the pandemic on October, 12 and 13, 2022 took place a DKRZ user group workshop in Hamburg.

Photo collection: Inauguration Levante

The new supercomputer Levante was inaugurated on September, 22, 2022.

Photo collection: HLRE-4 Levante

Photo collection: HLRE-3, the supercomputer Mistral

Video: The supercomputer Mistral (2015)

(only available in German)

DKRZ Video 2009: "High Performance for Climate Research"

Photo Collection: Grand Opening 2009

DKRZ'S Computer History