Between 2004 and 2005, the concept of consortia simulations and the related effective utilization of DKRZ's infrastructure was jointly devoloped by the scientific community, the former Model and Data Group at MPI-M (since 2010 DKRZ department data management), the DKRZ itself, and its Scientific Steering Committee (WLA). Closely related to this concept was (and still is) the archive concept at DKRZ and the need by scientific users, to efficiently access quality checked results of consortia simulations as quick as possible.

Criteria and application

At the December 2023 meeting of WLA, the list of criteria was updated to its current form. A formal application process for consortia simulations is not needed. Instead, interested consortia can contact a representative of WLA with an application, the description of their project, and a statement on the criteria. The requests for resources at DKRZ is discussed at the semi-annual WLA meetings. Important requirements for the approval of consortia projects are:

  • A broad interest within the climate community
  • Type and extent of the simulations need to justify the massive use of the supercomputer 

Approved consortia simulations will receive dedicated supercomputer allocations, direct support in carrying out the calculations and data management by DKRZ.


Recent and completed projects

Consortial calculation für IPCC AR4 Examples and information on current and past consortia projects can be found on our ​​pages on climate research. The examples demonstrate the type and scope typical consortia projects, which are "lighthouse" projects for both the scientific community and DKRZ.