DKRZ - Partner of Climate Science

As a national service facility that exclusively supports climate and earth system research, DKRZ enjoys  a unique status among major German computing centers. Its high-performance computing systems and data archives are consistently selected and assembled in view of the demands of climate research.

To ensure that modelers in climate and earth system research can make optimal use of its systems, DKRZ is actively engaged in research and infrastructure projects in the field of high-performance computing. It also acts in the interests of climate scientists on an international level. Its activities include the investigation of new programming concepts to better exploit computing power and the participation in research projects dealing with efficient and reliable management of large quantities of data. Furthermore, DKRZ is a partner in various national and international panels and networks related to HPC and climate modeling.

Projects with DKRZ involvement

Within the framework of both national and international research and infrastructure projects, DKRZ is dedicated to topics contributing to the improvement of the research infrastructure for climate science. Here, you will find a list of and weblinks to projects with DKRZ involvement.

Research Projects of DKRZ's users

More than 1,500 scientists use the computers and services of DKRZ. Any climate researcher in Germany may apply for computing time. Computations are also carried out for many research projects in collaboration with European and international scientists.

Partners and network

Here, you will find links to partner institutes and other centers, providing information on climate and computer science and on the topic of HPC.