DKRZ - Partner for Climate Research

to provide high performance computing platforms, sophisticated and high capacity data management and superior service for premium climate science.

About us:

The German Climate Computing Center is a national service facility and a major partner for climate research. Our high performance computers, data storage and services form the central research infrastructure for simulation-based climate science in Germany.

High Performance Computer:

Climate simulations require high performance supercomputers and data storage systems. The systems at DKRZ are optimized for the data-intensive needs of climate science and rank among the largest systems employed for scientific computing worldwide.


DKRZ’s expert staff support climate scientists in the optimal utilization of the systems and offer a range of services around climate models, climate simulations and climate data: from support in carrying out climate simulations, through parallelization and optimization of the simulation programs, via management, storage and publication of the data, up to analysis and visualization of the simulation results.

Projects and Partners:

Cutting-edge research requires solid networks and strong partners. Get to know the partners and network and find out about the scientific topics handled with the support of DKRZ. DKRZ itself does not conduct climate research but is a partner in various scientific projects with the aim of further improving support for climate science.


Climate change and model-based climate projections are time and time again at the center of public attention. On this page, you will find a variety of media and information materials illustrating, among other things, the results of climate research obtained through the assistance of DKRZ and its high performance computers.


26. Sep

Supercomputer "Levante" was inaugurated at DKRZ

The new supercomputer Levante was inaugurated on September, 22, 2022 at DKRZ with high-ranking representatives from politics and science. The welcoming speeches were followed by two panel discussions on the challenges of climate research, which highlighted Hamburg's excellent reputation as a climate research location.

12. Sep

WarmWorld: Exascale EarthSystem Models to anticipate changes in a Warmer World

September 1st marks the official start of the BMBF-funded project WarmWorld. The aim of the ambitious four-year project is to harness advances in information technology to compute and evaluate climate warming trajectories at unprecedented kilometer-scales, which enable the direct simulation of crucial processes in the climate system, like convective storms and ocean eddies.

29. Aug

Invitation to the inauguration of HLRE-4 "Levante"

The inauguration ceremony for the new high-performance computing system for Earth system research (HLRE-4) "Levante" will take place on 22 September 2022. The event language will be German.