In the session "High resolution weather and climate models on large supercomputers", Philipp Neumann gave a presentation on "Performance Modeling and Scalability for Global High-Resolution Weather and Climate Predictions, in which the two projects ESiWACE and DYAMOND were presented. Both projects use the ICON model for ultra-high-resolution global simulations. The presentation focussed on the discussion of scalability and maximum achievable throughput in global km-resolving models as well as on a semi-analytical approach for predicting the scalability of the model with regard to current and future supercomputing architectures.


In his oral session "Introduction to NFDI4Earth (NFDI is short for: national research data infrastructure)”, Hannes Thiemann presented the German research data infrastructure NFDI4Earth, which aims at systematically managing, storing and ensuring access to scientific and research data.

EGU2019_ShortCourseThe short course "Data Analysis made easy with the ENES Climate Analytics Service (ECAS)” given by Sofiane Bendoukha presented the new ENES Climate Analytics Service (ECAS) from the EOSCHUB project. This service enables climate scientists to conduct data analysis experiments on large amounts of climate data using a PID-enabled, server-side, and parallel approach. In addition to an introductory lecture, the course included a hands-on practical part in which the participants were able to work on their own with ECAS.

The current status of the support activity of the Data Distribution Center (DDC) was presented by Martina Stockhause in the oral session "FAIR data within the large international research project CMIP6 and the IPCC AR6". DDC Support is a collaboration between the IPCC Data Distribution Center (DKRZ, CEDA, CIESIN) and the Technical Support Unit of the IPCC Working Group as well as the World Data System. In addition, Martina Stockhause presented on behalf of an English colleague a poster of the ES-DOC (Earth System Documentation) development, which is part of the CMIP6 infrastructure.

EGU2019_PosterDuring the EGU, participants were able to find out about the projects, services and research results from more than 11,000 posters. For DKRZ, Fabian Wachsmann and Martin Schupfner presented DKRZ activities as part of the CMIP6-DICAD project with two posters. The project supports the generation of climate change data in the framework of CMIP6 (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6), as well as the provision of the German contribution to the IPCC / AR6 database in the ESGF data node at the DKRZ, and the establishment of a national CMIP6 data archive.

Poster 1: CMIP6 compliant processing and climate extremes indices with CDOs (abstract); Download (pdf, 1,5 MB)

Poster 2: Web-based post-processing workflow composition for CMIP6