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Data Archive

DKRZ currently archives about 8 Petabytes (8.000 Terabytes) of new model data per year, resulting from the climate simulations on its supercomputer. For the near future, however, we expect a strong increase in the amount of data to be archived.
Tape Libraries

With the HLRE-II system "Blizzard", about 8 Petabytes of new simulation results had to be archived per year. Starting with the availability of the new HLRE-3 "Mistral" in summer 2015, we expect the yearly data growth to increase to up to 75 Petabytes per year.


The archive system at a glance:Magnetbandarchiv innen

  • HPSS - High Perfomance Storage System
  • 8 automated Oracle/StorageTek SL8500 tape libraries
    • 8 robot arms per library
    • 77000 slots for magnetic cassettes
    • 80 tape drives (LTO-5/6/7/8)
  • 5 Petabytes disk cache
  • more than 200 Petabytes total capacity
  • bidirectional bandwidth of 15 Gigabyte/s (sustained), 18 Gigabyte/s (peak)




Movie: Inside of the tape library


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