Everyday work in the Earth System Sciences is often based on the utilisation of large-volume data sets and collections, such as the re-analysis products of the ECMWF. Without specific support, the acquisition of such data sets directly from the data producer is often associated with significant temporal and infrastructural expenditure for the scientists themselves.

Centralised data provisioning paired with powerful IT-infrastructure: a DKRZ service

DKRZ offers centralised provision of selected externally produced large-volume flagship datasets to facilitate a most effective scientific workflow of DKRZ users in the fields of climate and Earth System Science.

The linkage of these data sets to the technical infrastructure and analysis environment at DKRZ enables state-of-the-art analysis and cutting edge scientific discoveries.

The centralised provision of data collections and IT-resources at DKRZ prevents data duplication on local computers / servers - valuable IT-resources are more efficiently utilised!

Bundled know-how at DKRZ reduces the expenditure of data acquisition

Staff members of the Data Management department at DKRZ have been delving into the effective acquisition and provision of large-volume Earth System Science data sets for many years now.

Scientists concretely benefit from the established know-how through the following service offerings of the Data Management department at DKRZ:

  • execution of data transfer,
  • provision of storage space in the DKRZ infrastructure, 
  • basic preprocessing ensuring effective usability,
  • provision of the data sets to the researchers, normally with direct data access from the DKRZ HPC-infrastructure, 
  • clarification of data usage conditions with the data producer (if applicable) 

Furthermore, staff members of DKZ Data Management provide advice regarding the technical details of data utilisation and usability.

Data provision at DKRZ - some examples

Among others, DKRZ retains the following data sets for efficient (re)use:

  • ERA 5, ERA-20C, ERA-Interim and earlier (Link)
  • global climate projections: CMIP 3 / 5 / 6 - accessible via the CMIP Data Pool (CDP) or WDCC  
  • global climate data of the IPCC Assessment Reports (SAR / TAR / AR4 / AR5) and SR1.5 reference data accessible via the IPCC DDC (IPCC Data Distribution Center) at DKRZ
  • regionalised climate projections: CORDEX, ReKliEs-De
  • project data: HAPPI (homepage), CoastDat 


Do you have further questions regarding data provision at DKRZ or do you have needs for a specific data set to support your work?

Contact the department Data Management at DKRZ at . Further details can be found in the DKRZ user portal (Link).