Global distribution of flagship data sets: a basic need of Earth System Science

Especially in the Earth System Sciences, selected institutions produce large-volume flagship data sets of high global interest and sometimes perform post-processing of the data to enable reusability. These data sets comprise e.g. contributions to internationally coordinated model intercomparison projects (e.g. Coupled Model Intercomparison Projects, CMIPs) or data created in the framework of in-house initiatives, e.g. the Max Planck Institute Grand Ensemble.

The added-value of such data sets is in fact generated through their reusability. This is only achieved through enabling effective sharing of the data with the scientific community by making the data available. The associated global data distribution requires institutionalised competences in the fields of data management, data processing and appropriate infrastructure. 

Fit-for-purpose services for every requirement: global data distribution at DKRZ

Whether DKRZ users want to globally distribute their data in the framework of a project, internationally coordinated model intercomparisons or in the course of a scientific publication - the services provided at DKRZ always offer the suitable solution:


The Data Managemenent department at DKRZ further offers the following services facilitating data distribution:

  • support of data preparation prior to publication in ESGF 
  • support for the definition and establishment of standards for data collections 
  • quality control and -documentation of research data 


The department Data Management at .

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