With the aim of informing society about principles and results of climate simulations and strengthening their interest in climate science and climate change challenges, DKRZ already makes visualizations as images or animations publicly available on its website. Within the scope of the proposed project, DKRZ plans to expand its web offers with a interactive web visualizations of selected suitable data from the climate database, in order to enable, for example, pupils and students in a simple way to work interactively with the data themselves and to design visualizations themselves. The company AdaptVis, a spin-off from the University of Osnabrück, will develop the technical platform within the project framework to enable interactive web visualization of climate data.

Within the project, DKRZ will specifically support the development and implementation of climate visualizations as interactive representations on the web from an application perspective, i.e. from a climate science perspective. First, suitable data are selected from the climate simulations stored at DKRZ and prepared for visualization on the web. In the visualization of climate data, it is generally appropriate to adhere to certain quasi-standards for the representations of various climate variables. Analogously, suitable annotations are developed for the various selected parameters, which also ensure a quantitative analysis of the climate data based on the web visualizations. Furthermore, the web platform is provided at DKRZ, which prototypically allows the interactive visualization of the data stored here via a browser.