The project "PRIMAVERA" aims at the development and provision of a new generation of high-resolution global coupled climate models (GCM). These models should enable climate scenarios up to the model year 2050 with unprecedented accuracy and provide a decision basis for risk assessments or action plans for policy makers or other interested groups. The project will focus on model experiments of coupled GCMs with about 25 km horizontal resolution carried out by seven European research groups. By using different innovative techniques, differences in the model results will be reduced in such a way that robust statements on climate projections will be available at the end. The intended design of the experiment will be the European contribution to the CMIP6 "High-Resolution Model Intercomparison Project", which will be led by PRIMAVERA. DKRZ's contribution will be technical support for the model development.




13 person-months (within the project duration)

Funded by:

EU (Horizon 2020)