The IS-ENES project brings together expertise in climate modeling, high-performance computing, and data management with the goal of guiding the development and maintenance of common software components and the coordinated distribution of data. As part of IS-ENES, an web-based portal has been built to bring together information and access routes to European Earth System Models (ESMs) and data environments. This electronic infrastructure will further connect the European climate research community and thus better enable it to develop joint strategies and projects. Since the end of 2012, the second phase has been underway: IS-ENES2 aims to establish a sustainable European data infrastructure based on the global Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) and to consolidate the joint development and use of the modeling infrastructure. DKRZ focuses its IS-ENES activities on the area of user support, such as the collection and categorization of requests for data use, the maintenance of the ENES portal operated at DKRZ, and the analysis of climate models with regard to future computer architectures.




4.0 fulltime equivalent

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