The first phase of the project "HD(CP)2" (High Definition clouds and precipitation for advancing in climate prediction) was mainly concerned with the development of a highly parallel numerical model based on ICON and the infrastructure required for its operation. The second project phase concentrates on the implementation and analysis of model simulations with this new HD(CP)2 model. The scientific goal here is to represent cloud and precipitation evolution and compare them with observations for a better understanding. The planned experiments will focus on three different regions: Germany, the North Atlantic and the tropical Atlantic. A model resolution of up to 150 m is targeted, and the core area of the simulations will be embedded in 3 coarser grids. The planned experiments will require a total computing time of about 400 million CPUh and thus, as well as with the data volume generated by this, a new level of complexity in terms of technical coordination and processing of the simulations. Within the subproject M ("model development") Dr. Adamidis coordinates the model optimization and Dr. Fieg the development and implementation of the "workflow". Dr. Biercamp is part of the steering committee of the framework project HD(CP)2.