The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is an ecosystem of research data and related services that will enable and enhance seamless access to and reliable re-use of FAIR research outputs such as data, publications, software and more.

The FAIRCORE4EOSC project, which brings together 22 European partners, led by the Finnish CSC, will deliver nine new core EOSC components in support of a FAIR research lifecycle, filling further gaps in the EOSC offering. More specifically, the components will enable an EOSC PID infrastructure, an EOSC research software infrastructure, support for sharing and access to metadata schemas and crosswalks and offer advanced research-intent driven discovery services over all EOSC repositories.

The focus of DKRZ's participation, which contributes climate modelling requirements as part of the ENES infrastructure, is the area of metadata schemas and PID infrastructure.




1,5 FTE

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EU (Horizon Europe)

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