ENVRIplus is a community of research infrastructures (FI) in environmental and earth system sciences. It is guided by the EU Research Infrastructure Plans (ESFRI) and has three main goals: 1) to promote synergies between different infrastructures, 2) to implement innovative cross-FI approaches, and 3) to foster environmental research and innovation for the growing number of users outside the FIs. As a central strategy, ENVRIplus focuses on areas where interdisciplinarity is particularly needed. This includes Earth observation systems and advanced data science, as well as harmonization and innovation in areas such as access rights to research data and their derived products, and knowledge transfer strategies between FIs. ENVRIplus coordinates interdisciplinary measures for cooperation and communication of environmental FIs at all levels, from management to end users. It aims to promote structural measures and service qualities both of individual FIs and across FIs, and supports multidisciplinary research through new offerings for users, new tools for FI managers, and new communication strategies for FI communities.




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EU (Horizon 2020)

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