ClimXtreme – Module D - CoSoX

Coordination of Software Management in ClimXtreme (CoSoX)

further responsible staff at DKRZ: Dr. Etor E. Lucio-Eceiza (guest scientist of the FU Berlin, )

The ClimXtreme project has been conceived with the aim of generating climate knowledge to contribute with an improved assessment of damage-related extreme weather events in Central Europe: it will examine events that have taken place in the near past to assess the changes in both frequency and intensity that are possible in the future. These events will be analysed under three different perspectives: the physical processes that cause them (module A), their statistical aspects (module B) and their impact (module C).

A fourth module (module D), will support the scientific activities of the other three modules providing a coordinated strategy for modelling, software and data management. In this context, CoSoX supports with software related topics, developing a common and central evaluation system for climate extremes (XCES) allowing for a flexible incorporation of verification routines for modules A,B,C.

XCES, hosted at the High Performance Computer of the DKRZ, provides the infrastructure to connect the scientists through its common web and shell platforms allowing them to browse and produce datasets, plugins and results within the platform. CoSoX at the DKRZ in cooperation with the FU Berlin will develop and provide for templates and basic routines for software development and data standardization, (potentially) adapting and providing already existing routines as well. In conjunction with CoDaX, the other project in module D, CoSoX also works on the integration and provision of datasets needed for the project.





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