In addition to its important task as a service center, the 48-year-old Ludwig accepted a professorship for computer science at the University of Hamburg. Ludwig´s cutting-edge research as a professor focuses on energy efficiency in high performance computing.

“You need state-of-the-art high-performance computers to get reliable climate prognoses. We invest all efforts to operate these systems ecologically compatible and to minimize the energy consumption for climate modeling computations. The research results will be applicable for all areas in high performance computing.” said Ludwig.

The new high performance computing system “Blizzard”, which was funded with 35 million Euro by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, recently took up its services. Blizzard – an IBM Power 6 machine - enables increasingly accurate computational projections of future climate change because more complex processes and interactions can be included in the models. The spatial resolution of the climate models will also be enhanced. Thus, regional phenomena could also be seized substantially more accurately than today.