The new certification organization CTS, based in Japan and the Netherlands, was founded by the World Data System (WDS) of the International Science Council (ISC) and the Data Seal of Approval (DSA). The joint CTS award replaces the previous certifications of the two organizations.

In addition to purely technical aspects such as data management and editing, the CTS also assesses structural features such as adequate staffing and staff qualification as well as the existence of control and management structures like the scientific steering committee and the user group at DKRZ. Furthermore, security aspects with regard to internal and external risks are considered, as well as the user service such as help desk and support. All features are audited by CTS on a regular basis. Details on the whole certification process can be found on: https://www.coretrustseal.org/

As a prerequisite for this award, the policies of the data center must be published on the Internet. DKRZ has set up the website https://docs.wdc-climate.de for the WDCC, where the various documents are available for download as pdf-files.

The awarding of the CTS also extends the status of the WDCC as a world data center since a CTS certification is required for the approval as a World Data System.