Under the motto "Exchange of experience on the use of Levante and new conditions in HPC", five representatives from the user group reported on current developments in climate models and the challenges in model development. These insights were then deepened in a world cafe with four parallel discussion rounds, where the topics of GPU programming, the use of machine learning methods in Earth system research, data management and future model development were intensively discussed. The day was finished in an unusual setting: between the computer racks of the old HPC system Mistral, users and DKRZ staff presented their work, current results or projects on 14 posters, thus forming the basis for an informal exchange among each other.


The second workshop day was dedicated to training courses and practical work. On the one hand, the natESM project team gave an introduction to code analysis and GPU programming. On the other hand, DKRZ colleagues presented the essentials of data management in all its facets. Both topics could be tested directly by applying them to one's own model or workflow and thus formed the basis for deeper cooperation between DKRZ and its users.

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