At the SC'18, more than 350 exhibitors inform about trends, new developments, research and applications in the HPC area. The DKRZ booth # 217 is one of the stations of the scavenger hunt for the student volunteers on the SC'18. At its booth, the DKRZ will demonstrate ultra-high-resolution climate simulations of the project DYAMOND (short for: DYnamics of the Atmospheric general circulation modeled on non-hydrostatic domains). For the first time, the climate model ICON of the atmosphere or the ocean was calculated with a global grid spacing of 2.5 km. This corresponds to 84 million cells per 2D layer. For the coupled atmosphere ocean model in the project DYAMOND ++ a resolution of 5 km was achieved.

On November 12, Jakob Lüttgau will speak about the results of his research within the workshop "Joint International Workshop on Parallel Data Storage and Data Intensive Scalable Computing Systems" in his talk "Toward Understanding I / O Behavior in HPC Workflows". In cooperation with the Argonne National Lab, he combined existing and newly developed tools in such a way that the input / output behavior of scientific workflows could be better analyzed and visualized across many jobs.

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