The BMBF-funded project PalMod2 is concerned with applying state-of-the-art earth-system models to perform fully-coupled simulations of an entire glacial cycle. These simulations cover the time span of  approximately the last 130,000 years. The models shall also be evaluated with paleo observations in the form of proxy data. Scientists working in PalMod2 are thus faced with both very large amounts and very diverse forms of earth system data.

de-2020_Maerz_PalmodPlan.pngBased on the experience of a large number of projects, DKRZ cojointly with the Helmholtz Center Greesthaacht (HZG) is responsible for the organization of RDM in PalMod2. This includes adapting and operationalising state-of-the-art concepts in RDM to address the specific needs of the PalMod2 user community.

The content presented and discussed at the workshop will form the basis for the initial version of the project-wide DMP which will serve as reference document for all project participants and streamline the project workflows.

The agenda and the content of all slides presented at the workshop can be found on the project website: https://www.palmod.de/meetings