A large variety of new search options for data sets is now available: For the first time, it is possible to find the desired data by using a free text search or by using filters for location or time. As an example, a search for all datasets that cover a chosen region or time can be performed. The different parameters can also be combined as needed.

de-WDCC_GUI_Doku.jpgFilters such as project name, keyword, or code type were already provided in the old version. These have now been supplemented by filters such as institute, persons and data format. Furthermore, searches can be refined by the individual subcategories or by combinations thereof.

The new free text search operates on a broad range of new and old metadata. For example, it is now possible to search for terms inside of project descriptions, file headers and a lot of further information.

The search results are sorted on the basis of the hierarchy of the already proved CERA data model according to "Type - Project> Experiments> Data set group> Data record / additional info", and additionally according to criteria such as DOI assignment or actuality.

An easy-to-use REST API allows reading and saving the search results in the formats JSON or XML.
To learn more about the new functionalities please visit: http://cera-www.dkrz.de/docs/GUI_Doku.pdf. Many functional examples of the new portal are explained here.

Webportal of the climate database at DKRZ: here



DKRZ offers long term archiving and access to these data over the internet. The long-term archive (LTA) of DKRZ is certified according to the criteria of WDS as well as to those of the Data Seal of Approval (DSA).

CERA (short for: Climate and Environmental Retrieval and Archive) serves as the technical infrastructure for LTA at DKRZ.

The World Data Center for Climate Data (WDCC) is hosted by DKRZ. The WDCC includes the Data Distribution Center of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC-DDC). WDCC and, hence, the IPCC-DDC are part of the LTA.

Another part of the DKRZ-LTA is DOKU – a section where users of DKRZ archive their data with little effort.