A modular tape library of the type Quantum Scalar i6000 offers in its current state more than 2,000 magnetic tape cartridge slots and two brand new LTO-8 magnetic tape drives. The total storage capacity is 24 Petabytes. The capacity of the new LTO-8 tape cartridges has doubled compared to its predecessor LTO-7 up to 12 Terabytes. The library is financed through the project MiKlip II.

Since the first project phase of the MiKlip project, the DKRZ has been operating specially procured computing nodes and hard disk systems. The system is used for central data storage, for data exchange and for the evaluation of the forecasting system. DKRZ does not only provide the high performance computing and storage capacities, but supports projects individually, if required.

In its first phase, the project MiKlip, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF), has developed a decadal climate forecasting system. Based on these results, the decadal climate forecasting systems will be established and improved during MiKlip II, so that they can finally be used for operational purposes at the German Weather Service.

More information about the project MiKlip Phase II: http://www.fona-miklip.de/