In this building, generations of climate researchers have started their scientific career: initially planned as an interim solution for five years, the pavilion next to the Geomatikum was built in 1988. Parts of the MPI-M moved into the new offices and in exchange, the newly founded DKRZ got space in the Geomatikum for staff offices and a new Cray 2S – the first high performance computer exclusively dedicated to climate research. Plans made in the 1980s for the MPI-M moving to a new place in Bahrenfeld were cancelled. Consequently, the pavilion was extended in 1991 to give space to a new, third department of the MPI-M. Not before 2004, but after substantial rescheduling, the two MPI-M departments moved into one wing of the new ZMAW building at Bundesstrasse 53. 

Pavillon 3.9.2013 The DKRZ data center remained in the Geomatikum, but the staff moved into the pavilion offices, instead. Only in 2009, could both the high performance computer and the staff of DKRZ be united under one common roof in the new DKRZ-building in the Bundesstrasse 45a.
In 2010 – after the re-integration of the “Model & Data Group” as the new department of “Data Management”, DKRZ ran out of space in the new building as the ground floor was initially used by the newly founded Climate Service Center. Again, offices in the pavilion had to be used as an interim solution until quite recently in 2013, the remaining staff were finally able to also move to the Bundesstrasse 45a.
By moving out and demolishing the pavilion these days, MPI-M and DKRZ create the pre-conditions to start construction work near the Geomatikum for the rearrangement of a new University campus around Bundesstrasse.

Demolition in progress

 September 09, 2013