Since 2002 Dr. Michael Lautenschlager had been leading the Model and Data Group that had emerged from DKRZ and had later been affiliated with the MPI-M for a few years. In 2009, the group had been re-integrated into the DKRZ as the Data Management department. In doing so, Michael Lautenschlager established the topic of data management at DKRZ and has led it to great success. Under his leadership, the long-term archive was set up and was certified as the World Data Centre for Climate (WDCC) by the ICSU (International Council for Science) in 2003. Among other things the department has developed concepts for the assignment of so-called DataCite DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) with which data records can be clearly and permanently identified and referenced. In addition, the department has been involved in international infrastructure projects such as EUDAT and EOSC. Also of particular importance were the contributions to the projects CMIP and IPCC.

Until the end of next year, Dr. Michael Lautenschlager will continue working on the European ENES Data Service Infrastructure project and will be leading the international ESGF data infrastructure.

We thank Dr. Michael Lautenschlager for his dedication and wish our longtime colleague Hannes Thiemann every success as the new head of the department!