Within the research group at the DKRZ, he has been working on the efficient use of storage and file systems since 2009. Julian Kunkel also coordinated various third-party funded projects. He scientifically aims at the development of intelligent storage systems that can use hardware components independently and efficiently, and reduce the complexity for users.

Julian Kunkel will continue his activities in this HPC field and in the field of climate and weather research. At the University of Reading he founded the research group "High-Performance Storage (HPS)" and jointly with Christopher Maynard, MetOffice, and Bryan Lawrence, NCAS Research Group, the group "Advanced Computing for Environmental Sciences, ACES".

Even after leaving the DKRZ, he will maintain his commitment to the DKRZ. On the one hand, he continues to look after the projects he has recruited and, on the other hand, he still identifies with the aim of the DKRZ to provide the best environment for climate scientists.


Dr. Julian Kunkel
University of Reading
Telephone: +44 118901 6650