As one of the first milestones for DKRZ’s next generation supercomputer, Bull has delivered and installed a porting system based on Intel’s Haswell CPUs. HLRE-3 is scheduled to be installed and ready for use until April, 2015. The new Bull system consists of 20 nodes, each equipped with dual 12-core-CPUs (which offers a total of 480 cores), all together equipped with one TB main memory and a 300 TB Lustre-based parallel file system by Xyratex. The components are interconnected by FDR Infiniband technology. The system with a peak performance of about 20 TFLOPS - this corresponds to 1/6th of the performance of DKRZ’s current supercomputer Blizzard - offers the basis for porting the climate codes to the new architecture.

Also, an additional hybrid node equipped with an NVidia Tesla GPU allows for working on GPGPU developments as well as remote 3D visualization applications.

In a first test phase during the next weeks, selected test users will be given access to the system. Starting in fall, general access to the porting system will be granted to all DKRZ users for the migration and optimization of their codes.