Strictly speaking, the preparation for the upcoming installation has already been started by removing the old HLRE-II system "Blizzard" only a couple of days after the official inauguration of HLRE-3 in October 2015. Since then, extensive rebuilding work on the technical infrastructure took place.

HLRE-3 Lieferung Phase 2 Feb 2016 - 2s

On February 17th, 2016, DKRZ received the first out of three shipments containing 10 out 20 new compute racks based on Intel Broadwell processor technology. Each of these racks weighs more than a metric ton and comprises a total of 72 compute nodes, each equipped with two Intel S-2695v4 18-core processors at 2.1 GHz.

In total, the upgrade of Mistral comprises about 50.000 processor cores. With the start of the regular operation of the upgrade in summer 2016, a total of about 90.000 processor cores will be in service for climate research. The capacity of the parallel file system will also more than double, ultimately delivering a size of more than 50 Petabytes.

HLRE-3 Lieferung Phase 2 Feb 2016 - 3s

Installation der Racks