On two monitors at an information desk right next to the main stage, DKRZ presents the latest climate simulations that were calculated by scientists of MPI-M and DKRZ using the MPI-ESM earth system model on the DKRZ supercomputer. These simulations will be the German contribution to the sixth assessment report of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), that is currently under preparation. Visualizations show possible climate changes for temperature and precipitation for different climate scenarios. This allows politicians to see the effects of different future development paths (economy, technology, land use, etc.). One visualization shows a rather optimistic scenario (SSP126), in which mankind pulls together in one direction, the emissions drop sharply and later even realize negative emissions through additional climate protection measures. In contrast, another visualization shows a pessimistic scenario (SSP585) which is described through increasing greenhouse gas emissions without further climate protection measures.

In a “climate talk” on a third monitor at the information desks, visitors have the opportunity to put questions to experts and discuss them via video conference. Scientists from the DKRZ, MPI-M and GERICS will be available to answer questions from September 22nd to 27th from 1pm to 7pm (on Sunday until 5pm) .


Impressions of the Hamburg Rathausmarkt (Photos: top left: Klimawoche e.V.;  down left: David Luther/Klimawoche e.V.; top right: Michael Böttinger/DKRZ; down right: Juliane Peters/GERICS) 

Further information and the program of the Climate Week: www.klimawoche.de or via Livestream (stage program)

Media reports on the Hamburg Climate Week (selection; in German):