Vernissage of the art exhibition "Umwelt im Ökologiediskurs: Sonne - Wasser - Erde - Luft" (The environment in ecological discourse: Sun – water – earth – air )

As a prelude to DKRZ’s activities during the Climate Week, the vernissage of the art exhibition "Umwelt im Ökologiediskurs: Sonne - Wasser - Erde - Luft" (The environment in ecological discourse: Sun – water – earth – air ) will be held in the foyer of DKRZ on September 18, 2018 at 16:00. The exhibition theme for 2018 was selected by gallery KAM of Kulturaustausch Hamburg-Übersee e.V. for a jury-assessed international painting biennial.

de-2018_DKRZ_Einladung.jpgThe paintings on display were created by the artists Liliane Orlinski (1959, Poland), Susan Wortmaim (1965, Germany), Günther Helm (1935, Germany), Alexander F. Jagelowitz (1938, Lithuania) and Sergey Machekhin (1952, Russian Federation). Moreover, sculptures by Oswaldo Pulido (1955, Colombia) are included in the exhibition. At 16:30, Michael Böttinger will give a presentation on the topic “Hamburg confronts climate change”. The talk will be given in German. At the close of the event at 17:30, guests will have the opportunity to accompany Prof. Dr. Thomas Ludwig and Michael Böttinger on a guided tour to the supercomputer for climate research, “Mistral”.
After the vernissage, the art exhibition will be open to the public all year round during the opening hours of DKRZ.

Invitation to the vernissage

More information about the event: here

Climate knowledge for children and teenagers

The educational program of the Hamburg Climate Week from September 24 - 28, 2018 is open to preschool children and school students of all grades and offers workshops and excursions on topics of sustainability – all of them free of charge.

Two school classes have already signed up for the educational program at DKRZ in order to learn more about the use of supercomputers in climate research. What is the difference between a supercomputer and a normal PC, and what exactly is computed on such a device? We can't experiment with earth itself, but we can conduct experiments with climate models. How does a climate model work and why are supercomputers needed to perform the computations? A presentation will shed light on these questions and will illustrate potential impacts of climate changefor different limate scenarios. Finally, the children go on a guided tour to DKRZ’s supercomputer and to the data archive.

More information about the DKRZ programm within the framework of the educational program: here

The climate research tent at Lattenplatz: Meet the Hamburg-based climate research institutes

Schüler am KlimaglobusThe Climate Week will officially be opened at 15:00 on September 24 by its honorary patron Albert II, Prince of Monaco, who will speak on the stage at Lattenplatz. The theme park surrounding the stage at Lattenplatz will be open on September 24 – 28 from 16:00 – 20:00, respectively.

One of the theme park exhibits will be the climate research tent – in there, DKRZ and the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (HZG) with its Institute for Coastal Research and the Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) will present results obtained by Hamburg-based climate research institutes. On the climate globe and a huge interactive touch panel visitors can explore potential impacts of climate change.

de-CoastMap_TddE2015_Frankfurt_HeidrunHillen_klein.jpgTHey also can "have an eye on the coast" by visiting the exhibits COSYNA, coastMap and  the Drift Model. The COSYNA app provides current information on the state of the North Sea, such as water temperature, wave height or turbidity, as well as information on the measuring instruments. The coastMap exhibit takes the viewer along on a video tour of the North Sea seafloor, illustrating for example the spread of ship emissions. The Drift exhibit builds on 60 years of wind and ocean current data and simulates a virtual journey of fish larvae or a bottle message across the seas.

Information about the climate research tent: here

Information about the venue at Lattenplatz: here

Information regarding the theme park: here

European Researchers‘ Night

At the close of the Climate Week, on September 28, the European Researchers‘ Night will take place – not only in Hamburg, but simultaneously in 340 cities in 27 European countries. The stage at Lattenplatz will turn into a science stage, hosting short scientific talks. One of the speakers is Michael Böttinger of DKRZ. He will explain the workings of a climate model (at 19:00) and will present current visualizations of climate simulations on land (at 19:10), in the oceans (at 20:26) and in the atmosphere (at 21:22).

More information about the Researchers‘ Night: here



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