In the online competition, machine learning (ML) methods were to be developed to artificially improve the spatial resolution of Sentinel 2 satellite images of the Slovenia region. For this purpose, agricultural areas had to be identified first. In addition, the resulting data should achieve a spatial resolution of 2.5 meters, which is four times the resolution of the original images.

The competition, organized by the “Artificial Intelligence for Earth Observation” (AI4EO) initiative and funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), ran from June 14 to September 30, 2021. 100 teams registered for the challenge, of which only 17 finally submitted their results. The next edition of the challenge on a different topic is planned for January 2022.

For third place, the two winners are looking forward to six days of technical assistance on solution engineering including porting on cloud, which will be used for tasks within the HAIKU / AIM project.

Further information about the challenge on: https://platform.ai4eo.eu/enhanced-sentinel2-agriculture  and https://ai4eo.eu/