At booth no. 2606, DKRZ will present its new “high-performance computing system for Earth system research 3” (HLRE-3/Mistral). It consists of computer components by Bull/Atos and a new hierarchical storage management system (HSM) by IBM. Since 1 July, the first phase of the supercomputer is available to DKRZ’s users.

At the DKRZ booth, visitors will also receive information about the new, EU-funded project ESiWACE (Centre of Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe), which is coordinated by DKRZ, which will start in October 2015. The main focus of ESiWACE will be on the development of HPC solutions specially tailored to the requirements of weather and climate modeling, covering the full spectrum: from the development of specific software solutions to user services for simulation and data storage.SC15-Detail



On a monitor, DKRZ will show visualizations that were part of the German contribution to the latest IPCC world climate report AR5. These animations include scenarios of future temperature, precipitation or land-use changes, formation of clouds in the atmosphere, arctic sea ice cover in the Arctic up to simulated volcano eruptions and ocean currents.

At SC’15 Seagate hosted its this year’s annual HPC user group meeting, during which Prof. Ludwig presented in front of almost five-hundred participants the storage system of Mistral at DKRZ. The storage capacity integrated into the system is larger than 20 Petabytes today and will even increase to 50 Petabytes in 2016 – about the same amount of space required to store ten million feature films.

During the SC’15 the latest TOP500 list of the most powerful high performance computers is released. Mistral is placed on rank 64.

More general information on the official  SC15-webite.