The technical program focuses on eight topics, including "Weather and Climate". For this area, Dr. Joachim Biercamp served as vice chair for the organization of the minisymposia and posters. He also acted as co-organizer on July 6 in the two-part minisymposium "Towards Kilometer-Scale Global Storm-Resolving Weather and Climate Simulations, Part I & Part II," in which, among others, Dr. Daniel Klocke of MPI-M gave a presentation on Global Storm Resolving (Coupled) Climate Models on the project DYAMOND. Also co-organizing the minisymposium “Towards the New Generation of Earth System Models: Challenges on the Road to Exascale” , Joachim Biercamp will present on July 7 with a talk on the ESiWACE project titled „ESiWACE: Towards Storm Resolving Global Weather and Climate Simulations“.

On July 8, Prof. Thomas Ludwig will participate in the mini-symposium ”Enriching Earth and Climate Science Simulations Using AI/ML” with a presentation on “ML Service Provisioning for Earth System Science“.

In the PASC poster exhibition, Dr. Tobias Weigel, together with Jakob Lüttgau and Prof. Thomas Ludwig, present a poster on the activities of the AIM project and report on typical problems and how they can be addressed when implementing ML approaches for scientific applications in the Earth and Environment domain.

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