The website enables easy searches on disks of the supercomputer Levante, within the DKRZ cloud and the tape archive using intuitive key-value pair search queries. The data can be in different formats such as netCDF, grib or Zarr and result from different projects such as CMIP6, ERA5, CORDEX or NextGEMS.

The GEMS offers extended search features where either keywords such as “ngc3028”, terms such as “precipitation” or a flexible time selection can be entered for semantic searches. The search result is a comprehensive overview of, for example, variables, experiments or metadata that are stored in the data sets of interest.

The system ships with a command line interface (CLI) and a Python library pre-installed on Levante so that users can integrate the search system into their own data analysis workflows.

In cooperation with our partners, regular updates of various catalogs, such as NextGEMS, are planned so that the latest information is provided. Additional functions include an intake plugin for direct browsing of the GEMS database and the search for tape metadata.

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