The leading coordinators are Prof. Thomas Ludwig and Dr. Joachim Biercamp at DKRZ, as well Mr. Makoto Tsukakoshi, Dr. Kenichi Itakura and Dr. Hitosho Uehara at CEIST. The collaboration is planned to cover several fields: optimization of coupled climate simulations on modern computer architectures, analysis and benchmarking of new hard- and software systems, cost-benefit analyses for using non-standard hardware such as accelerator cards for climate simulations, energy efficiency of HPC systems, evaluation and optimization of I/O subsystems as well as training of people on best practices and exchange of experience concerning the management and governance of monothematic computing centers. Within the next two years, joint workshops and technical meetings will be held and both partners will exchange computer programs for evaluation, testing and benchmarking purposes. Furthermore, it is intended to jointly create projects for improving the services of the centers as well as to exchange personnel.

Further information about JAMSTEC - CEIST: www.jamstec.go.jp/ceist/e/