6th Student Congress kk23

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At the sixth student congress kk23 at the University of Hamburg on September 21, 2023, over 700 pupils and teachers from 35 schools received insights into current research on climate change and possible future scenarios.

__DSF0696.jpgIn addition to the keynote speech by Prof. Jochem Marotzke from the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Dr. Christopher Kadow from DKRZ had a talk on the topic of “Climate and AI” (photo on the left; copyright: Initiative NAT – Jann Wilken). In addition to the lecture program, the pupilss were able to discuss with scientists, experiment themselves in workshops or visit the university's wind tunnel. During an excursion to the DKRZ (photo on the right; copyright: Initiative NAT – Jann Wilken), Michael Böttinger explained to 30 students in a talk why running a climate models requires the use of supercomputers and the range of possible climate changes by 2100, before the supercomputer and the data archive at the DKRZ could be visited.

Further information: www.nat.hamburg/schwerpunkte/klimawandel/klima-kongress


www2023_collage.jpgFrom September 25th to October 6th, 2023, the educational weeks "Wetter.Wasser.Waterkant" offer school classes a diverse program with workshops, excursions and lectures on the topics of sustainability, education for sustainable development, climate change and social transformation. The DKRZ is participating as one of well over 100 partner institutions with two excursions: “A supercomputer for climate research” and, co-jointly with David Grawe, CEN, “A supercomputer for the climate: from the whole world to the city” (photo on the left; copyright: DKRZ).

Further information: www2023.de/