Even though up to 160 scientists took part in the virtual presentations and breakout sessions. Topic of the retreat was “First results and new challenges”. After the first CLICCS retreat one year ago was dedicated to getting to know each other and to identify common research interests between the different subprojects, this time already first research findings could be presented.

The overarching research question of the cluster is “Which climate futures are possible and which are plausible?”. Scientists are working in three interlocked research themes, which cover fundamental research into the dynamics of the climate system and social dynamics and transdisciplinary research into the interactions between humans and the environment, towards answering this question. The three research themes are complemented by the infrastructure research project “High Performance Computing and Data Intensive Science”  that studies future oriented workflows and methods in the areas of data management, visual data analysis, and software engineering for climate research. DKRZ is responsible for two out of the three research fields, namely software engineering and data management. Furthermore, with its visualization group, the DKRZ is also involved in the visual data analysis activities.