ICON HD(CP)2 Experiments

The primary target of HD(CP)2 project is to integrate cloud building and precipitation processes into atmospheric simulations to better understand and research clouds and cloud related processes. Visualized is wind velocity and liquid cloud water from an ultra-scale resolution with approx. 3.5 billion cells.

Precipitable Water from Land Evaporation

The visualization of the fraction of the precipitable water from land evaporation shows the strong influence of the land biosphere on the water cycle.

Large Eddy Simulations

Visualization of a large-eddy simulation of cumulus under stratocumulus. The simulations were performed on DKRZ's high performance computer Blizzard by researchers at MPI studying climatological controls on cloudiness. (Data: Irina Sandu, Bjorn Stevens, MPI f. Meteorology)

Aerosols in EMAC

The simulated AOT of five different aerosols over the course of the year as simulated by the atmospheric chemistry general circulation model EMAC for 2010 and 2050 shows possible consquences of a "business as usual" policy.

Aerosol Model ECHAM-HAM

Aerosols are very small particles floating in the air. They play a significant role within the global climate system.