Precipitable water from land evaporation

The animation shows the fraction of the vertically integrated atmospheric moisture that stems from continental evaporation (including plant transpiration).

Large Eddy Simulations

Large eddy simulations showing the cloud structure at the end of the climatological transition between stratocumulus to cumulus convection.

Aerosols in the chemistry model EMAC

Aerosol is a system of liquid or solid particles colloidally dispersed in a gas (see AMS glossary of meteorology). Tropospheric aerosols have significant effects on human health, the water cycle, and climate. It is hence important to understand the actual aerosols distribution and its possible change in the future.

Aerosol model ECHAM-HAM

Aerosols are very small particles floating in the air. They play a significant role within the global climate system. The development, interaction, and spreading of aerosols of different sources can be simulated with the aerosol-climate model ECHAM-HAM.

Microscale Climate Modeling

The microscale model MITRAS of the University of Hamburg is used simulate the effects that different buildings have on the climate in a city.