Global Mean Temperature

The air temperature (2m-temperature) is one of the most important climate parameters that is directly affected by heightened radiation from increased greenhouse gas concentrations.

2m Temperature

The simulated changes in the 2m temperature due to the changed conditions prescribed by the scenarios have varying degrees of prevalence depending on their geographic situation.


Due to the temperature increase, the water cycle is intensified, causing an increase in global mean precipitation as well. At the same time, however, there is a redistribution causing some areas to receive more precipitation and others less, depending on the season.

Sea Ice

Sea ice and snow are quite important factors in the climate system.

Sea Level

With increased temperatures, water will expand and therefore cause the sea level to rise. Changes in air temperature cause a further change in the water cycle and ocean currents. Together, these factors exhibit different regional changes in sea levels.

Ocean Acidification

The ocean’s surface water is home to countless organisms which have thrived in mostly constant chemical conditions for over two million years. With the begin of the industrialization, these conditions have started to change.

Carbonate in the Ocean

As a consequence of ocean acidification, a rather important building block to oceanic life could become scarce, namely, calcium carbonate.