Workshop on data access

In the context of the workshop "From the past into the future: new climate simulations for research and the society" on February 23. and 24., 2012, the CMIP5 simulations carried out by DKRZ and MPI-M were introduced to the general public. Here you will find the slides of the talks (available in German only)

Earth System Grid (ESGF)

The simulation data of all largr climate modeling groups is collected and made available to scientists worldwide by means of "data portals". Within this Earth System Grid Federation(ESGF), the DKRZ acts as a gateway and as a data node.

IS-ENES Portal

IS-ENES is the infrasructure project of ENES (European Network for Earth System Modeling). For the IPCC AR5 / CMIP5 data, IS-ENES provides a data portal with different data search options.