Dr. Etor E. Lucio Eceiza

Dr. Etor E. Lucio Eceiza


Data Analysis


Software Coordination, ClimXtreme/CoSoX, Freva


FT 411


Fuhlentwiete 10, 20355 Hamburg, Germany

  • I am working at the ClimXtreme project (whose second phase started this Summer 2023). ClimXtreme is a BMBF funded project within the FONA initiative that aims to assess extreme weather events and their changes, uncertainties and impacts in Central Europe both in the past and in the coming decades: website of the project (phase1) FONA website (phase1)
  • My position is as Software Coordinator at the CoSoX (Coordination of Software Management in ClimXtreme) subproject. 
  • I am responsible for the coordination and management of the data infrastructure, storage and computing resources of the ClimXtreme Central Evaluation System (XCES, a hybrid platform for data browsing and evaluation runs based on Freva software, developed and maintained within the CLINT group at DKRZ, department of Data Analysis)