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The MPI-Grand Ensemble (MPI-GE) is now available from ESGF

The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) Grand Ensemble (MPI-GE) is the largest ensemble of a single state-of-the-art comprehensive climate model (MPI-ESM 1.1) currently available. The MPI-GE consists of five ensembles of 100 simulations each under different forcing scenarios, where the forcing scenarios correspond to those used in CMIP5. MPI-GE allows to address scientific questions that could not be answered in the past, such as: Does internal variability of the climate system change under different forcing conditions? Furthermore, novel approaches of comparing the model’s internal variability with estimated observed variability can be applied.

The MPI-GE simulations were run on the HPC facilities of DKRZ and the Swiss National Computing Centre (CSCS) and a large number of significant publications have used the data over the past 4 years. Naturally, the presence of such a powerful tool has sparked the interest of the broader scientific community and the establishment of a reliable data dissemination solution to the global community in order to enable efficient data access and reuse.

The Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) provides such a solution. As one of the core members and the central point of contact in Germany for ESGF, DKRZ has made the publication of the MPI-GE data possible. Over the course of the past 6 months, DKRZ and MPI-M staff together engaged in the process of aligning the data to CMIP5 standards, allowing for the data to be most efficiently and re-used outside of MPI-M.

As of now, the MPI-GE data volume available via the DKRZ-supplied ESGF services is currently in excess of 50 Terabytes, consists of some 19,000 files and is stored on DKRZ’s Lustre file system. The data currently available are comprised of essential atmospheric and ocean variables - quantities related to biogeochemistry, ice and land surface processes are still to come. The preservation of  the MPI-GE data using DKRZ’s LTA WDCC service is envisaged to commence within a year’s time

Interested in accessing the MPI-GE via ESGF? The MPI-GE data are published with an Open Access license (CC BY-SA 4.0) and can be accessed via their dedicated website of the project hosted at DKRZ’s ESGF node.

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